Modern Phones for Modern Businesses

More than just calling

Bizbuzz is a virtual phone system that replaces your traditional office phones with something much more flexible and powerful. Think of it as an intelligent phone line for your business.

You live in 2016, shouldn't your phone system?

Smart Directory

Set up new users and groups with extensions

Visual Voicemail

Listen to only the important ones instead of in order

Activity History

Feed style history makes it easy to review activity

Record and Monitor

Perfect for remembering something important that was said last week

Team Extensions

Ring entire groups and share incoming calls

...and much more

Everything you need from your phones to operate a global business.

Be Available Everywhere You Go

Whether you're at home, on site with a customer, in the office, or traveling around the world, you'll always be available on your office line. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

No matter how your team is organized Bizbuzz makes it feel like you're always together. Easily transfer calls and monitor team activity across offices, homes, and around the world.

Be Everywhere Your Customers Are

Easily add local numbers in more than 50 countries around the world and connect them seamlessly to one phone system.

Wherever your customers are, chances are Bizbuzz will let them reach you with a local call.

See inbound and outbound coverage by country.

Be More Productive
Built For Teams

You have an expanding team. Every new employee means a new phone connection, new equipment, wiring, installation, vendor contracts. Why struggle with hardware, when you would rather focus on quality conversations?

With Bizbuzz, every member of your team has their own extension on all your lines — no waiting, no wiring. Also make parallel dialing available for your sales and support groups. Every incoming call can be picked up by the first available representative.

Managing phone lines should be as easy as point and click.

Bring Your Own Devices

Works on the devices you already own

Don't waste your IT budget buying traditional desk phones. Bizbuzz runs on the devices you and your team already own — smartphones and web browsers.

To start making and receiving calls, the simplest way is to login on the web. No installation required. We promise.
Not at your desk? No fast internet? No problem.

Bizbuzz is more reliable than traditional VoIP networks because it doesn't need to use the internet when it's not available. It seamlessly forwards your call to your cellular line when the internet signal is weak. And it switches back to VoIP when you're back in the office.

Focus on your business, not on finding a reliable internet signal.
Making calls on the move? Use our Android or iOS apps. (Coming Soon)

Global Coverage For Inbound And Outbound

Inbound Outbound

Receive calls from over 50 countries with virtual numbers.

The Best For Less

We aim to make the purchase experience hassle-free with clear choices. Which is also why we believe in letting you experience the platform for free before deciding how you'll use it.

Pay As You Go

Grows with your business

  • Unlimitedinternational phone numbers
    Over 55 countries from $5/month per number
  • Unlimitedcalls
    Rates start from $0.005/min
  • Add an extension for $5/month
  • Unlimitedcalls between team members
  • Unlimitedteams
  • Unlimitedcall recordings
  • Unlimitedreports

No Installation Required

On average, a 20 person company spends $9,000 on phones, networking hardware, wiring, and consulting fees before getting any value out of their phone system. Because Bizbuzz lives in the cloud and uses the devices you already own, your setup cost is $0 on every plan.

Don't waste your IT budget buying traditional desk phones. Bizbuzz runs on the devices you and your team already own — smartphones and web browsers.

Set up a business phone system
in over 50 countries
in under 3 minutes

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